Monday, November 9, 2009

Planet Sydney Australia

Sydney Australia is a beautiful city - no matter what your perspective is (click on images to enlarge).


Anonymous said...

How did you manage to do that ? It's very cool !

Gordon Pritchard said...

This is done in PhotoShop. Here's the recipe:

1 - Take an image that has a simple sky area.
2 - It's best if the left and rightmost areas of the image are similar. That allows the two side to marry well when the image is created.
3 - Go to Menu--->Image--->Image Size.
4 - Uncheck "Constrain Proportions"
5 - Enter a dimension in the "Width" box so that the Width is the same as the height.
6 - Click "OK"
7 - The image is now distorted. It looks squeezed and is square in shape.
8 - Go to Menu--->Image--->"Rotate Canvas" and choose 180°
9 - The image is now upside down
10 - Go to Menu--->Filter--->Distort--->"Polar Coordinates"
11 - Check "Rectangular to Polar" Click "OK"

That's the basic method. You'll probably have to do some touching up to get it right. With practice you'll learn how to take a photo with this effect in mind to get the best results. Sometimes though an image will work well even though it didn't meet the criteria.